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Traveling with Firearms

By Beth Alcazar

I have been groped, patted, swabbed, and checked while traveling the friendly skies, and I have had my luggage tossed, my locks broken, and my items sorted through on many occasions. Those thoughts alone are enough to make one cringe at the thought of travel, especially when firearms are involved.... Read More >
The Ethics of Self-Defense: When is Violence Justified?

By G. Mark Woodhouse

The ethics of using violence in any conflict are grounded in the culture of the people involved. » THE ETHICS OF defending ourselves are usually only called into question when we think of physical defense. We defend ourselves in many other ways, and the ethics of those defensive measures are... Read More >
EDC TLC: Carry Gun Maintenance

By Robert Campbell

Poor maintenance, a failure to replace springs in a reasonable time frame and improper lubrication shorten the useful life of your handgun. What’s worse, such lack of care for the handgun might cause it to fail at the worst possible moment. » DURING MY TIME AS A PROFESSIONAL TRAINER, peace... Read More >
Here’s Why Sean Hannity is a Proud USCCA Member…

By Tim Schmidt

Sean Hannity recently told his audience the story of a USCCA member who was forced to protect his neighbor from a brutal attack…and how that story motivated HIM to join the USCCA. Hear why Sean thinks every gun owner should also be a USCCA member: Sean Hannity on the Importance... Read More >
The USCCA Story

By Tim Schmidt

  Dear Fellow Responsibly Armed American, Well… it finally happened. That’s right. I succumbed to the siren call of Hollywood. I’m not joking! Now, before you jump to conclusions, you need to hear the WHOLE story. (This is the West Point version of the Hollywood Story!) I’ve known for a... Read More >
Three Tips for Improved Shooting Accuracy


If you’ve ever tried to teach anyone the fundamentals of a sport or musical instrument, for example, you’ve probably used the phrase, “practice makes perfect.” The same is true when it comes to shooting accuracy, and today we’re going to share with you three of the USCCA’s tips from one... Read More >
Understanding Concealed Carry Holsters


Once you’ve gotten your concealed carry permit and have decided what handgun you will be carrying, it’s time to choose a holster. Just as there are countless guns available on the market, the wide array of holsters to choose from can be overwhelming for both new and experienced gun owners... Read More >
Choosing the Right Handgun


When you decide to get your license and carry a concealed gun for personal protection, it’s essential that you select the best handgun for your personal needs and ability. While carrying any gun is better than carrying no gun, we encourage responsible gun owners to take a more strategic approach... Read More >
Handling Police and Armed Citizen Encounters

By Duncan Mackie

Some states require CCW holders to notify police they are armed on contact with them. Many more states do not have such a requirement, but is it a good idea anyway? It’s great to live in a country free enough to allow law-abiding citizens to carry concealed pistols for personal... Read More >